A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Claire O’Mahoney and Matt Herd about their charity show, Unite 2012.  That show was on Saturday, and I’m pleased to be able to report that it was a massive success, raising exactly £2000 for the Nightingale Cancer Support Centre.

Now, like The Wedding Singer last year, this is a show I cannot possibly be unbiased about, as I was helping out.  Instead, I’d like to share with you my exclusive pictures of the rehearsal.  (I wasn’t able to photograph the performance.)

The show was opened by SMP with “It’s your wedding day” from The Wedding Singer – there’s a video of them performing that on my post about the show.  They also closed Unite with a number from their recent pantomime.

Other local musical theatre groups were also out in force – Acorn brought us a selection from Oliver!, which they’ve only been rehearsing for a couple of weeks.  They’ve obviously got two excellent soloists in place as Fagin and Nancy, so I look forward to seeing that when it comes to the Intimate Theatre in June.

ELODS did two songs from 42nd Street – a nice bit of swing, and an energetic bit of tap which was a bit of a highlight – that’s at the Wyllyots in a couple of weeks, so you’d better get your skates on if you want to get tickets to see it.

Another highlight was Enfield Blaze Allstars, who did some death-defying cheerleading gymnastics, which I didn’t do a very good job of photographing, as they’re very fast, and I’m not very good.  Also in gymnastic mode were D’Saintz, an all-male street dance group from St Ignatius’ College.  I didn’t take any video at Unite, but D’Saintz did the same routine at Enfield Glee last year, and someone’s put a somewhat shaky recording of that performance on YouTube:

While we’re on dance, I must mention probably the most unusual act of the evening, burlesque act Miss Di Mond. As you might imagine, her act usually involves her taking her clothes off, which is an unusual occurrence in a family show such as this one.  However, she rose to the occasion, and only took off most of her clothes.

Rounding out the evening were a spectacular array of singers – a group from the Ministry of Expression sang Firework, Tottenham Community Choir performed two very different pieces, Performance also did two and Glee tribute act The Gleeks performed three.  In addition to the groups, we had soloists Jo Martin & Debbie Petrou, Sam Kane, our compère David Short and his daughter Sophie Short.  Director Claire O’Mahony also stood in at the last minute for Sam Kane’s daughter Lucy Kane, who was unable to join us.

Finally, we come to the Contemporary Automatic Collaborative Kollective.  I’ve got no photos, but a video of one of their previous performances is available for them, too.  Once you’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ll agree they live up to their name.

Why, yes, that is Mr. S. leaping around in a sweatband.  Why do you ask?