New timetable starts Sunday

If you don’t use the train very much, or if, like me,  you’re not very much awake in the mornings, you might have missed the fact that a new train timetable starts on Monday on our local line.  You can download the new timetable for Silver Street from National Express East Anglia, or, indeed, any of their other new timetables, such as the trains to Enfield Lock or Chingford.

If you do use the train a lot, I would check the timetable now, if I were you.  My usual train is disappearing, but there’s a new express from Edmonton Green that may come in handy!


Have your say on where Edmonton is.

You may be aware from recent coverage in the local press that the Boundary Commission are proposing changes to where the constituency of Edmonton lies. The proposals are now in consultation, so if you don’t like the proposals, you have until the end of Monday to let them know, by filling in this form.  This post is a little explanation of what’s going on, and what it means to those of us who live here.

The current proposal would bundle most of Edmonton (which is in the Borough of Enfield) up with Chingford (which is in Waltham Forest) into one constituency, called Edmonton and Chingford.  Upper Edmonton – all that part of Edmonton south of the North Circular – will be put into the Tottenham constituency, and Hazelbury Ward would be part of Enfield Southgate.  It will probably be a bit clearer if you look at this map of the proposed Chingford and Edmonton constituency and this other map of the proposed Tottenham constituency.

Most of the discussion so far in the local press has been about the fact that Chingford and Edmonton are separated by a large expanse of water, and have no significant transport connections, and are in general not very connected.  Chingford incumbent Iain Duncan-Smith, and Edmonton incumbent Andy Love seem agreed that this is a Bad Plan.  This may be the only time those two men have ever agreed on anything, and I suspect it is because their current constituencies are safe seats, where the new one would not be – there will be 50 fewer MPs nationwide, and five fewer in London, so one of them will almost certainly be out of a job.

Enfield Council also oppose the changes, mostly due to the changes in Edmonton.  I can see how the the new constituencies would make our council’s life more difficult by making them deal with more MPs, and making many of those MPs’ principal interests lie outside the borough.  Upper Edmonton residents, for instance, would be Tottenham constituents for parliament, but Enfield constituents for local elections.  Upper Edmonton Councillor Andreas Constantinides told me, “I do not believe that sufficient consideration was given to the geographical nature of the area.  Under these irrational recommendations the proposed Meridian Water development in Upper Edmonton, which is a major priority for Enfield Council, will fall within two constituencies (Chingford/Edmonton and Tottenham) . How could this division serve the interests of Enfield constituents?”

When I approached Tottenham MP David Lammy for comment, his office said, “The current consultation is part of a lengthy process, so it is not certain that Upper Edmonton will become part of the Tottenham constituency. However, should it ‘move south’, David will be happy to represent the area’s residents, regardless of whether their council is Haringey or Enfield.”

Our neighbours in Bowes Ward would have a similar issue, being the only Enfield residents in the constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green.   I’m not sure how much time the Tottenham and Hornsey MPs would have for dealing with Enfield Council when they can please most of their constituents by dealing only with Haringey. Bowes Councillor Alan Sitkin put it even more strongly: “This is Tory gerrymandering and highly anti-democratic! And particularly galling given that it has no basis in social realities.”

It seems that the boundary commission have had a devil of a job with London in this review, and they’ve only left four constituencies unchanged.  38 of the proposed constituencies cross borough boundaries, and only 30 don’t.  That seems like quite a lot to me.  They go into quite a lot of detail in their summary of initial proposals (PDF) about how difficult it was to make the maths fit the existing boundaries, and they’ve provided all the data they used to reach their conclusions.

I think coming up with something better is beyond my personal ability, but I hope someone can, because this looks like a bit of a mess at the moment.  If you think so too, or if you think it sounds like a good idea, then fill in the feedback form now and make sure your views are taken into account.

Quick update: More activity down at Pymmes Brook

We had a great morning at Pymme’s Brook last Saturday and got loads done.  I’ll be doing a full post about that soon, but in the meantime, there will be another makeover session TOMORROW, if you’d like to come along.   Here are the full details from Thames21:

Pymmes Brook makeover – Take Two!

Saturday 26th November

10am – 12.30pm

On Saturday 19th November 11 fantastic volunteers helped Thames21 relieve Pymmes Brook of 2 van loads of rubbish!  It was a tremendous event and we’re returning this weekend to finish off.  Please do come and join us!

We’ll be getting rid of junk like these freezers, allowing the brook to flow again, then test the water for hidden nasties – the first step to improving the water quality.

We’ll provide boots and gloves, hot drinks and snacks!  Please be aware this event may be muddy so please wear appropriate old clothes.

Meet at Florin Court, off Tanners End Lane, Enfield N18.
For more information please contact Aimee Felus on 07554 402727 or email

Download this message as a flyer.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this week, but I hope you’ll tell me how it went!

Brunch at Caffe D’Oro, Edmonton Green

Pretty coffee

The pattern in Mr S' flat white lasted to the bottom of the cup

We first dropped in to Caffe D’Oro to get coffee to go, on our way to the carnival.  We didn’t have time to hang around then, but we asked them their opening hours, and noted that they’re open on Sundays.  For some reason, all of the places in Edmonton you can get a really good fry-up are closed on Sundays, which is when you need them most, so we filed that fact away for later.

This week, we were in the area again, so decided to try it out.  Caffe D’Oro is a welcoming place, with a good mix of proper tables and easy chairs, in the manner of one of the big coffee chains, but unlike the big coffee chains, they also have hot food, and table service.  They also have an open kitchen, so, although the counter is high, so the view isn’t very good, you can watch the bustle from your table.

The menu is very varied, with breakfasts and brunches, grills, sandwiches, potatoes, Mediterranean mains and pastas, alongside a range from Lizzies cakes.  Aside from good coffee, they also serve Teapigs tea, smoothies, ice cream shakes, wine, and beer.  One of these days, I will go for the ice cream shake, but with the breakfast I chose this time, I wasn’t going to take the calorie hit!

On this occasion, Mr. S. went for the Brunch fry-up, with hash browns, and coffee, and I had the Eggs Benedict, with bacon, and tea.  We were both very pleased with our choices. Mr. S. got a lovely flat white, with a beautiful pattern that stayed to the bottom of the cup, and I got tea made with boiling water, with the bag still in.  It may not sound like much, but I’m a tea pedant, and this pleases me.

My Eggs Benedict whose yolks were just-set, and still a little runny, came with a dressed salad, and, if I’m honest, rather too much Hollandaise, which is unusual.  Mr. S was also very happy with his Brunch – he likes his eggs runnier and his beans mushier, but that’s just him.  We had some difficulty with the sauces (Heinz Ketchup, Daddies Sauce and HP Barbecue Sauce), but once we worked out the barbecue still had the foil on, it all worked out for the best!

Caffe D’Oro don’t have a website, so I hope they’ll excuse the fact that I’ve scanned the takeaway menu they gave me.  It is slightly out of date, so the prices have gone up slightly, and the food range has increased.

Caffe D’Oro
14 The Concourse
Edmonton Green Shopping Centre
N9 0TY

tel: 020 8887 9786

Opening hours

Mon-Sat 8-7

Sun 9-5

View a slightly out-of-date menu.

Pymmes Brook makeover – this Saturday

This weekend, Thames21 are having a cleanup event at the section of Pymmes Brook next to Tanner’s Hall Allotment, which happens to be where I have my little plot. This is a great chance to get involved in cleaning up Edmonton and making it a nicer place to live.  And if you need any more convincing, hot drinks and snacks will be provided!

It’s only a couple of hours, and I’d probably only be at the allotment anyway, so I will definitely be there.  It would be great to see you too – post a comment if you think you’ll come!

I’ve put the full information from Thames21 below, and here’s their flyer (Word document), in case you live locally and would like to promote the event.

Love the Lea event

Pymmes Brook makeover

Saturday 19th November
10am – 12.30pm

Help Thames21 transform the Pymmes Brook, a major tributary of the River Lea, from a dumping ground into a healthy stream.  This is the first of many events to rid the river of unsightly junk and improve the quality of the water.  This morning of TLC will begin the journey.

We’ll be getting rid of junk like freezers, allowing the brook to flow again, then test the water for hidden nasties – the first step to improving the water quality.

We’ll provide boots and gloves, hot drinks and snacks!  Please be aware this event may be muddy so please wear appropriate old clothes.

Meet at Florin Court, off Tanners End Lane, Enfield N18.
For more information please contact Aimee Felus on 07554 402727 or email

Remembrance Sunday


Poppies at Edmonton Green War Memorial

I have never attended a Service of Remembrance at a war memorial before.  I had expected to see a gathering of mostly elderly men, I suppose, servicemen from the last war, but I was wrong. I was surprised to discover a large group around the War Memorial at Edmonton Green, representative of all the diversity of Edmonton.

As 11:00 arrived and the bugles sounded, and the flags dipped, my companion pointed out the gym windows to me.  Many people had paused in their workout and were standing at the window, observing the silence.

To me, Edmonton Green has always been busy, and noisy, and often quite a threatening place to be.  To see everyone there just stop, just for a couple of minutes, is one of the most profoundly moving things I have seen.

*               *               *               *               *               *               *               *

As it’s not very easy to view them once the traffic starts again, I took some photos of the wreaths and the far side of the memorial, after the service was over.

Remember remember…

I love setting light to things.

This was probably rather worrying to my parents when I was young, but I was trained well by the Guides and have grown up with a healthy respect for fire, and a love of outdoor cooking, which I share with Mr. Silver.

As a big fan of bonfires, today has always been a special day for me.  It’s my Grandma’s birthday, and when I was young we  would usually have a bonfire at home, eat baked potatoes, and wave sparklers around.  Sometimes we had fireworks, but we would often leave those to the professionals.

There used to be a bonfire and fireworks in our local park, with a funfair, and candy floss, and more baked potatoes.  As I have grown older, fewer and fewer councils will organise a bonfire, and in these credit crunch times, getting funding for a firework display also seems to be getting difficult.

It’s problems with funding which mean that the iconic fireworks at Ally Pally are cancelled this year.  I’ve never been to them myself, but I’m aware that they’re something of a tradition amongst people who grew up in north London.  Other than those, it seems that the options for bonfire parties in and around this area are rather limited.  Some local churches that organised events no longer do, meaning that there is now literally only one show in town:

The Enfield Town fireworks will go ahead as usual, and if last year is anything to go by it will be similar to the great family occasion of my youth, complete with funfair, and candyfloss, and an excellent firework display, but sadly without a bonfire.  I like fireworks and funfairs as much as the next girl, but as the daylight fades this afternoon, you will find me and Mr S. down the allotment, setting light to things.