Tottenham and Edmonton need your help.  Here’s what you can do.

We put on a show!

The benefit gig that we helped Tottenham Community choir to organise at the Millfield Theatre on Friday 26th August raised £1532 for the Tottenham Fund.  Huge thanks are due to everyone who helped out with that, it was a great day!

Support local businesses

Shops and other businesses on Fore Street and Tottenham High Road are still open, and want to see us.  If we stay away, they’ll go out of business just as surely as if they had been looted.  Shop in your local shop, and visit your local restaurant.  A map of affected businesses can be found at

If you know, or you are, a local business owner affected by the recent violence, help is available from Enfield Council.  Enfield have also been circulating this leaflet with further information.  There are also plenty of volunteers out there who want to help you, including handymen, storage companies, and general willing hands.   You can post your needs on the Tottenham Cleanup page on Facebook or Riot Rescue, or contact the Riot Cleanup team.  If you need help with any of that, email me at silverstsocial at gmail dot com and I’ll try and put you in touch with the right people.

Donations of stuff

The donation centre has been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. They no longer have room for any more donations, nor any more volunteers. Huge thanks to everyone for this massive response!

Donate some money

Details of how to donate money to the Tottenham Fund can be found on the Haringey website.

Gather evidence

Shop a looter at Crimestoppers and help gather evidence against looters on Twitter using the hashtag #tweetalooter.  Check the Met’s Flickr Photostream for any familiar faces.

Stay in touch

I’m constantly updating this page with new information, so follow me on Twitter, “Like” the Facebook page or join the mailing list for updates.